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Sugar Coated Murder

Two sisters discussing true crime murders while baking in the kitchen and sharing recipes in a True Crime Comedy Improv podcast.

In this episode, Anne Varner bakes scrumptious recipe of Strawberry Muffins.  Karen DeVanie describes the horrifying details of the Tammy Jo Steinert murder in Courtland, VA.  This is another hometown homicide case from where the sisters grew up.  Then, Anne weaves the grotesque tale of the Acid Bath Killer from Yorkshire, Great Britain. 
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In this episode, Karen bakes a delicious Butterscoth Krimpet Cake. The recipe mimics the Tasty Cake Butterscotch Krimpets.  Anne unravels the fan-sent murder case of Paul Jandreau in Moyock, NC.  Next, Karen reveals the mystery of the disappearance and murder of Allison Alvarez at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Atlanta, GA.

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Sugar Coated Murder podcast is proud to be a part of the Oracle Network.

In this episode, the Broads introduce a new series called Slaying in the Kitchen.  They welcome their first slayer, Lyndon, who has a great true crime podcast called Murder At Bedtime with Lyndon.  Anne leads Lyndon as they bake vanilla scones together.  While the baking unfolds, all three discuss the exasperating tale of Keith Jesperson, also known as The Happy Face Killer.  Can success be claimed if a serial killer has to write into the media to claim his victims because police keep getting it wrong?

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Hey yall!  In this episode Karen bakes up Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies while Anne Varner tells the ridiculous story of the Corn Rake Killer.  While the girls enjoy a delicious cocktail Karen DeVanie unwinds the story of the Taco Bell Strangler.  Was the killer a serial killer or not?  Sugar Coates Murder is proud to be a part of the Oracle Network.


In this episode, Anne bakes Honey Butter Rolls that turn out to be pillows of love.  Karen unravels the craziness of the murder of Kendra Hatcher in Dallas, TX.  Then, Anne gives us the horrible Soham Murders from the Soham, Cambridgeshire, England.

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This episode is dedicated to CJ at the Beyond the Rainbow Podcast for helping Karen with her Twittering.  Tonight, Karen assembles a Lady Finger Cake in celebration of Mother's Day.  Anne presents the senseless murder of Robby Mast by Lindsay Haugen in Montanna.  Then, Karen discusses a lady killer in Mexico that preyed upon elderly women.  Known as Mataviajitas, Juana Brazzana started out as a professional wrestler in the lucha libra community of Mexico City, Mexico.  Unfortunately, she chooses violence in her personal life and takes her frustrations about her mother on innocent elderly women.  
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In this episode, Anne Varner makes Bread & Butter Pickles in the microwave and they turn out to be quite amazing!!  Karen presents the senseless murder of Florida attorney Melissa Lewis.  Then, Anne unravels the crazy story of a murdered man that did not know he was dead.  This one is a wild ride!

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Sugar Coated Murder Podcast is part of the Oracl3 Network



Karen bakes up a favorite of Momma's, Pecan Divinity, which gets re-named DeVanie's Divine Divinity.  Anne presents the murder of Simeonette Mapes-Crupi in Staten Island, NY. Then Karen discusses the double homicide of the Parkers in Conway, SC.  Trout misbehaves as the evening winds down.

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In this episode, Anne tries a gluten-free recipe for fan, Julie, and bakes up a delicious, gooey flourless chocolate torte.  Karen takes us on the wild ride of the San Francisco Witch Killers, and Anne tells the tale of the senseless murder of Kathy Chou in Washington state.  Anne highlights the mission persons case of Tammy Russell Kingery from North Augusta, SC.

#flourlesschocolatetorte #tammyrussellkingery #missinginsc #missingpersons #glutenfree #sanfrancisco #witchkillers #kathychou

In this episode, Karen bakes delicious, warm Marshmallow Peanut butter Brownies from  The sisters highlight the cold case of missing person Shelton Sanders out of Columbia, SC.  The enjoy some yummy herbal tea from Plum Deluxe Tea.  Anne recounts the zany story of the murder of Frank Hilley and the twists and turns are endless and crazy! Next, Karen unpacks the terrifying and horrendous story of Shasta Groene and her family and how they were brutalized by a serial killer that is one of the worst.
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