UA-186710831-1 SCM EPI #87 Apple Pie Bars [Towler_Ferguson & Snyder]

The sisters are back in the kitchen and back into the bourbon! Anne Varner uses Killa Vanilla as she bakes incredible Apple Pie Bars with have a shortbread crust and are topped with fresh apples, gooey stuff, and a drizzle of salted caramel.  Karen describes the case of what Jasmine "Jazzy" Gilbert bore witness to as her mom, Tina Towler, and Tina's boyfriend, James Ferguson, suffered at the foot as Jazzy's bed as she laid listening.  Then, Anne recounts the many untruths that Roberta Snyder's husband told as her children searched for her and tried to unravel what happened to her.  This wild ride takes us from Ohio to Kentucky to Tennessee and back again.

Roberta "Bobbie" Heisler Memorial Fund:

Sources for Karen's case:

Source's for Anne's case:

"When Philip Met Missy" on Discovery+

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