First, the sisters get treated to Blackberry Mint Mojitos for Mixology Monday at Sweetwater Apartments.  Then, Karen successfully tackles Chocolate Soufflé from Sally's Baking Blog.  The sisters welcome guest, Will, who brings his Criminal Justice knowledge with him as well as his appetite for true crime and anything baked. Anne explains a not-so-bright murder plot from Tennessee which results in a terrible murder mystery for Veronica Bozza.  Next, Karen introduces the frustrating case of Tara Ord who moved from Scranton, PA, to Punta Gorda, FL, only to meet a tragic end to her life.
#veronicabozza #tennesseemurder #taraord #scrantonpa #floridamurder #puntagordafl #blackberrymintmojitos 
#criminaljustice #throwmommafromtrain #murderplot #missingperson

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