UA-186710831-1 SCM Italian Cherry Pound Cake [Landowski & Staton_Castro]

In this episode, Karen bakes a tasty Italian Cherry Pound Cake that is baked in a loaf pan for easy slicing and serving. Anne informs us about the tragic, twisty murder case of Meghan Landowski in Portsmouth, VA.  Karen describes the crazy case of Billy Staton and Leticia Castro in LaFeria, TX, also known as the Tape Recorder Murders.  The sisters sip on Basil Hayden's Bourbon and tongue twisting and new word creation commences!
#ItalianCherryPoundCake #cherries #bourbon #portsmouthva #laferiatx


Sources for Landowski case:
48 Hours NCIS To Catch A Killer

Sources for Staton, Castro case:
The Devil Speaks on ID channel

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