UA-186710831-1 SCM EPI #84 OctoBoo 2021 [Jacksonboro Lights]

In this introductory episode to the 2021 OctoBoo series, the sisters take a nighttime field trip to hunt for a ghostly light. Needless to say, Anne nor Karen have a future career in ghost hunting!
According to
The legend goes like this:
"...a little girl had wondered off a bit to far from her house, considering this road is heavily wooded on both sides and it was getting darker by the minute, the family grew frantic, so the preacher set off into the night, lit a lantern to guide his way and searched the road and the woods and apparently got struck by a passing train on his search for his daughter which he never found, no one knows what had become of the daughter either. To this day it is said that the preacher still continues to search the road for her with the light of a swinging lantern which sometimes is accompanied by the sound of a train whistle."

#ghosthunters #hauntedplaces #lowcountryhauntings #spooky

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