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Sugar Coated Murder

Two sisters discussing true crime murders while baking in the kitchen and sharing recipes in a True Crime Comedy Improv podcast.

The sisters are still on vacation having their Hot Podcasters Summer.  They have recycled 2 Shorty episode, combining them to make 1 Biggie. Please enjoy 'Rona Dating with Sarah and Suzi's Balls.

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Enjoy this recycled episode. The sisters have repurposed 2 cases that they each handpicked.  Stitched together are the Roundy murder case and the Tiner murder case. Bourbon seems to play a part in the telling of each of the cases.  Do we sense a theme?

#recycle #repurpose #reuse

Anne chooses a no-bake option due to the heat of the Lowcountry Summer. She whips up a cool recipe for Cookies & Cream Pie.  Karen unpacks the troubling Boston murder case of Amy Roman.  Next, Anne takes us on a crazy journey in Momma's hometown of Buena Vista, VA, in the murder case of Vernon Staton that is followed by a circus of court actions.

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In this special episode of Slaying in the Kitchen, the ladies welcome Connor Flynn of Bigfoot Anonymous to discuss his explorations, findings, and sightings of Sasquatch himself as well as his experiences and knowledge of other cryptids. Along with the discussions about Connor's discoveries, Karen and Connor bake up a scrumptious Key Lime Pound Cake together. Shots are flowing and things are bumping in the night.

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In this episode, Anne creates magic with a recipe for Pecan Spinwheels Bread Pudding.  Who knew you could elevate a gas station snack food?  Karen reveals the case of Dzong Ngoc Tu and makes sure she is no longer the forgotten victim of serial killer Michael Bruce Ross from Cornell University.  Then, Anne covers the case of Etta Jean Westbrook and her friends Geraldine and Hazel, who formed a church-going sisterhood and looked after each other in their twilight years.

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Sugar Coated Murder is proud to be a part of the Oracle Network


In this zany episode Karen DeVanie cooks up some delicious Bananas Foster and serves it over decadent vanilla ice cream.  Yummy! While Karen cooks Anne Varner stirs up trouble with the awful story of the murders of Susan (Missy) MacIvor and her husband Michael. While the sisters enjoy the kitchen yummies, Karen DeVanie bewilders us with the tale of a nefarious killer in Nebraska.  Oh and Karen renames the state because...why not?!

In this episode, Anne Varner bakes scrumptious recipe of Strawberry Muffins.  Karen DeVanie describes the horrifying details of the Tammy Jo Steinert murder in Courtland, VA.  This is another hometown homicide case from where the sisters grew up.  Then, Anne weaves the grotesque tale of the Acid Bath Killer from Yorkshire, Great Britain. 
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Sugar Coated Murder is proud to be a part of the Oracle Network.

In this episode, Karen bakes a delicious Butterscoth Krimpet Cake. The recipe mimics the Tasty Cake Butterscotch Krimpets.  Anne unravels the fan-sent murder case of Paul Jandreau in Moyock, NC.  Next, Karen reveals the mystery of the disappearance and murder of Allison Alvarez at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Atlanta, GA.

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In this episode, the Broads introduce a new series called Slaying in the Kitchen.  They welcome their first slayer, Lyndon, who has a great true crime podcast called Murder At Bedtime with Lyndon.  Anne leads Lyndon as they bake vanilla scones together.  While the baking unfolds, all three discuss the exasperating tale of Keith Jesperson, also known as The Happy Face Killer.  Can success be claimed if a serial killer has to write into the media to claim his victims because police keep getting it wrong?

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Hey yall!  In this episode Karen bakes up Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies while Anne Varner tells the ridiculous story of the Corn Rake Killer.  While the girls enjoy a delicious cocktail Karen DeVanie unwinds the story of the Taco Bell Strangler.  Was the killer a serial killer or not?  Sugar Coates Murder is proud to be a part of the Oracle Network.


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